Conference Themes

1st ICDI 2018 Theme : "Knowledge Product Development in Library and Information Center"

  • Data management and integrations
  • Information system
  • Scientific documentation
  • Dissemination of scientific information
  • Knowledge management


2nd ICDI 2019 Theme : "Library Transformation in Big Data Management"

  • Scientific data curation and preservation policy
  • Digital library management and institutional repository
  • Scientific knowledge management
  • Big-data management system
  • Data and scientific work dissemination
  • Institution research collaboration
  • Data security
  • Scientific data and information


3rd ICDI 2020 Theme : "Future of Indonesian Research: Data Management and Open Science"

  • Scientific data management policies
  • Implementation of open science
  • Management of institutional repositories
  • Knowledge management
  • Big data management
  • Dissemination of data and scientific work
  • Data security
  • Data and information processing
  • Citizen science in Indonesia
  • RDM and open science: towards Indonesian libraries
  • Data management and open science in information services and libraries
  • Data management and open science context
  • Primary data deposits


4th ICDI 2021 Theme : "The Roles Of GLAM For Open Science And Open Data Development"

  • Citizen Science, Open Science
  • Digitization, and document conversion management
  • Metadata and system interoperability, Data security
  • Digital library
  • Multimedia gallery, library, archive, museum, and scientific exhibition management
  • Research data management, data curation
  • Dissemination of scientific works and data
  • Scientific data and information management
  • Stakeholders readiness and human resource competency from GLAM
  • Record management, digital asset management
  • Digital curation, digital humanities